iTrans Metra

The Metra app with fast offline schedules, maps, push alerts, and more.

Trip Timetables

Just select two stations to see a timetable. Trip durations let you see which trains are express and local.

Station-by-Station Info

Tap on a trip to see when it stops at each station. Comes in handy when you're on your way and want to check if the train is on time!

Station Schedules

See all the trains departing a station in one glance. Tap a train to see where and when it will stop.

Push Alerts

Get disruption alerts pushed to your phone in real time. Don't be stuck waiting on the platform again! You can even customize alerts by line and time.

Line Diagrams

Easy-to-read diagrams show where each train line runs and transfers available at each stop.

System Map

With an interactive system map, you're never lost. Tap any station for schedules.